Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Good Conversation on Jesus Camp (Bill Maher)

This is good, particularly the part in the middle between Bill Maher and the Fox News Christain.


CMS said...

Boy, you pick some winners.

I think I'd need to see this a few more times to know exactly how I should think of it.

On first viewing, the person I like the most was the Arab/Indian (?) religion is often used as a justification, BUT not to all. A friend told me that generalizations are false, and I think that one statement to be a generalization.

Maher's discussion of superiority was uncalled for. The only justification of that comment was a) that he feels inferior to the Fox anchor and wanted to puff himself up in his arena or b) to shut her down. Why did that dialogue even occur? How is her perception ( not that he even asked for it, but rather told her what it was) relate to the Jesus Camp? Regardless, he didn't even let her make her rebuttal, whether he agreed or not.

That's like saying Mensa folk feel superior to all to all others. In one facet they may be, but whether they feel or perceive themselves that way is the individual's call. Some just feel they possess and gift that they should use to help others. Imagine that.

Honestly, this one just pissed me off. Yeah, the Jesus Camp is wrong. Most rational/ sane people get that. But to use the opportunity as a spotlight on Maher's perceptions on Christianity or perhaps religion in general is just that, opportunistic. If he simply wanted people to agree with him, he shouldn't put up a panel. He should just tell us what "he" thinks so we can take it as it is - one person's point of view.

The Fox anchor should be commended as she had the opportunity to represent Christians as another hothead, but she sat there and took her lumps, though undeserving.

Antijen said...

That's the most competent presentation of a Christian viewpoint that I've ever seen. Not saying I agree with it in its entirety, but if more people would talk that way instead of just snarking at those who aren't "saved", we might be able to have more mature discussions about things.

And I've got to read that guy's book.

Ryan said...

Of course Maher used it as an opportunist moment, that is the whole point. He has a set of view points, he brings on a somewhat representative sample (always including someone to represent the opposite view, how many times does FOX News actually do that?), and then they go at it. They don't always stay on topic, but who cares. Good stuff.

Anyway, I actually thought the superiority bit was right on and I thought she proved it. I think framing it as superiority was a bit over-the-top but it drove the point home. I have no doubt that most Christains do NOT view it as being superior, but as having some truth that non-believers do not and I think that is the point he drove home. It was quite awesome, IMHO.

And yes, I thought the Arab/Indian guy was awesome.

I don't always agree with Maher, he is too Libertarian for me, but w/religion and actually a good amount of other things I think he articulates it very well.