Saturday, September 23, 2006

White and Nerdy



CMS said...

Yeah, that about sums it up doesn't it. :-)

Ryan said...

Oh, ouch.

Silent Joe said...

Weird Al Rocks. Dont know what life would of been without ole Weird Al. :)

CMS said...

Not meant offesnsively.

And please, I currently reside in what seems to be the white and nerdy capital of the US. Just the other day I was standing in line at a restaurant behind three of such creatures, all dressed in business casual attire ( some badly matched or 7 years outdated), armored with notepads, blueberries, cell phones, ID badges, one may have had a pocket protector and 2 (I think) with glasses discussing, at length, some obsure business study/issue. I had wished I was in earshot of another conversation ;-)

The world needs these brains, and at times, I wish I shared them. But, boy are there times that I'd love to goose just one of them, just to see what they'd do. Is that bullying? Maybe not, as some probably have their black leather and chains in the basements, along with the Christian conservatives ( having leather in the basement.. not nerds having Christians in the basement..... whatever)

But truly, some of these folks are wound so tight I'm afraid they're going to pop.

Everything in moderation.

Nerds/Geeks who are somewhat fit, can dress ok and can demo some whit every now and again.... hottest creatures alive. ;-) ( doesn't hurt if they do a sport too, but that may demote their status) Beats a pretty boy and day.

Does that mean that I should feel some physical attraction to Weird Al? Hope not, cause that ain't happen'n. Sorry Al :-(

Antijen said...

Nerds are lame. Geeks are sexy.

Ryan said...

CMS...gee, who could you be talking about? ;)

Antijen...gee, who could be the geek in your life? ;)

CMS said...

You, of course :-)

Someone, somewhere. I married one, but that was a miss. Maybe it was the bubble wrap :-)

I think I have yet to find a good one but, being in the land of white and nerdy, either I'm in luck or totally screwed. Where else can a girl go? :-) I'd take Black, Arabian, Asian too, but in these parts they're a little hard to find.

Besides, didn't your momma tell you to play nice?

CMS said...

Hmm. I think in my convoluted response, I called a blackberry a blueberry. I think Blueberry is a purse brand, but hey, to each his own. I guess either I don't fit in that geek catagory or senility is setting in early. ;-).

Besides, people in my field are referred to as nerds anyway. I prefer eccentric, creative, and free spirited :-)

Ryan said...

Blueberry! Awesome, I missed that. I'm so calling it a Blueberry from now on.