Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Rant Coming in 3...2...1...

I lurk around on a few blogs from time to time that represent the more conservative side of the aisle so I can get my blood pressure up...masochistic I guess. Anyway, one of the things that really gets me is how a certain strain of people just blames every muslim for the actions of the fundamentlist sect. The arguement goes that Islam teaches violence and hate (you don't have to go any further than the uproar about the Pope's idiotic quoting of a Byzantine King saying something similiar). They claim that followers of Islam are, by nature, violent.

What a load of shit. Sure, there are fundamentilist muslims and yea they want to kill you. Some even put the number as high as 3 million. Ok, let's take that figure and think about this some. 3 million out of 150 million followers is a very low total percentage...2% of the whole. So what 2% of the whole believes is enough to condem an entire group of people? Yikes.

But let's not stop there. Apparently, this 2% of the entire muslim population is a greater threat to America than Nazi Germany or the USSR during the Cold War. Are you kidding me? They don't even compare. The fundies, the extremists, are not an organized whole. They are not a nation. They don't have anywhere close to the industrial capacity that Germany or Russia had. So how on Earth are they compariable? If a war had started between the US and the USSR millions of people would have been dead inside of an hour. To think that a group of extremists without state sponsorship or any industrial capacity at all could even get near that sort of threat is extreme naiviety at best and purposefull insanity at it's worst.

Don't let the obvious differences distract you. Listening to some of these turkeys talk about it (and we are talking about some pretty main stream people here - see Fox News sometimes) this is the Greatest Threat To Civilization Ever. This is World War III. This is the prelude to the rapture! Yea, hardly.

Ok, I got off the topic I wanted to nail. Back to the people that believe 2% of a group is enough to condemn the entire group. I've always maintained that in any group (particularly religious groups) you have a small percentage that are totally and completely dedicated and extreme about it. Literal, even. Islam has them, Christainity has then, even Star Trek has them. There isn't a whole lot of difference between the Islamic and Christain crazies.

But dude! Christain crazies aren't blowing themselves up! I would submit that in order to be part of the crazy group you don't have to go blow yourself up. Before 9/11 the biggest terror attack on US soil was Oklahoma City. Guess what group of crazies Tim was part of?

To drive the point home, check out this link. That's write, soliders of christ right here. How is that any different then what some people accuse Islam of doing to their young? It's the same damn thing, but it is a small and extreme part of the whole...just like it is in Islam.

Get some damn perspective.


Silent Joe said...

This is why I believe all organized religions should be outlawed. I work with people who all have different ethnic and religous backgrounds. Some Christian, some Hindu, some Buddhist and some Muslim. They are all fine and as long as we all remember we are humans, we get along great. The last thing we want to discuss is religion and politics even though all of us here would like to see Bush dissappear. :p

I agree with you 100% on the closed eye nature of people and if you are on one side of the fence those people are not happy until either they have destroyed the fence and taken over the other side or destroyed the other side altogether.

If everyone opens there eyes and drops religion, we can move the human race to the next stage of development.


Ryan said...

I don't think religion, in and of itself, is bad. I think it can be a very powerful and very good thing for individuals. What I have a problem with is when it stops being a deeply personal thing for an individual and becomes something that is the 'one true way' and is forced upon non-belivers. Then religion becomes dangerous.

I think as long as people continue to use critical thinking and not become a sheeple then all is good.

Antijen said...

No, the Christian crazies aren't blowing themselves up, they're just quietly gaining more and more influence in the most powerful country in the world. They don't have to blow themselves up to achieve their agenda. They're doing it the sneaky way.

Which is why I'd like to move to Mars before that happens. And as tolerant as I am about religion (the non-zealous kind) I will immediately outlaw Jesusfish bumper stickers on the Mars colony. Because they just piss me off.