Monday, March 24, 2008


I was driving to work this morning when this popped up where it usually displays my mileage. I was like 'huh?'.

I checked the one thing I thought it might be referring to but didn't see anything wrong. So I turned around and went home to look it up on the internets to see if my car was going to blow up or something.

It turns out my first thought was right. 9ASCAP means "GASCAP".

I guess a sensor died on it or something. Oh well, live and learn.


SuperMel said...

Or your sound system was demanding royalties.

Ryan said...

Oohh...that's a good take. I wouldn't put it past the record companies to demand royalities from the radio systems since they claim the internets is sucking away their profits.

Dallace said...

Try just removing / replacing your gas cap. Modern car ECU's can actually detect a loose gas cap. The modern fuel system is "air tight" (that is until it flies out the exhaust)

Ryan said...

I did that yesterday. It came on a couple more times but hasn't at all today, so I guess it decided all is good.