Monday, March 17, 2008


One of the major arguements against Obamarama is that he doesn't have the experience necessary for the job. There are different types of experience, of course, and the one that seems to come up the most is that of foreign relations.

I'd like to ask a question. What foreign relations experience do McCain (and HRC, for that matter) have that so overwhelms Obama's, exactly? Being a senator is not foreign relations expereince as far as I know. It seems to me that if you aren't a diplomat or in the State Department you don't have a lot of foreign relations experience just because you have been a senator longer than god.

And how the heck is being a POW foreign relations exeperience? That's experience being a prisoner.

Somebody lay some knowledge on me because this whole arguement sounds pretty weak when you get down to the specifics.

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