Thursday, March 20, 2008


I was in a 10 hour meeting yesterday and a 5 hour meetings today. All in all these haven't been too bad as they have been pretty focused and not wondering around all over the place.

However, towards the end-of-the-day yesterday the filter I have between my brain and my mouth that usually works pretty well during the day faded away. I became somewhat snarky during the last part of the day leading to a comment from my boss along the lines of 'You sure do get grumpy in a long meeting'. I found that funny.

Today, for a brief moment, I thought I crossed a line. The client, who has a very good sense of humor, was asking where a copy machine was. He then asked if it was one of those that you could lift the lid on to copy stuff. I found that my filter still hadn't returned because out came 'Do you want to photo copy your butt?'. There was a brief pause, a look from my boss, and then laughter.


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Joe said...

"do you want to copy your butt" awesome. :)

10 hour meetings in my opinion become non productive after a while and is just a waste of time. No blame on your side for losing that filter. We are code monkeys, not people monkeys. :)

- Joe