Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fricken Astrology

So this site was recently mentioned on another blog and I spent some time poking around it. Recently, hippy magic has started to play a larger interest in my life. Just to put it in perspective, I don't care why something works. If it appears to have an affect or is more accurate than not, that is good enough for me.

Anyway, like I said I started to poke around on the site and read about Gemini's. As I found out recently, I'm a triple gem so that makes it pretty easy to remember my moon and ascendent signs. I thought I'd quote some stuff and then add some commentary, just because.

Gemini is the Third Sign of the Zodiac, associated with storytellers, communicators and youth.

I don't know about youth but the first two fit. I love telling stories, even though I suck at it from time to time. And communication, well...yea.

these individuals should strive to learn perseverence and cultivate depth. They need to aspire to substance as well as style, attempting to take themselves...and their words...more seriously.

Damn it.

organize personal experiences in order to form a unique picture of the world and then communicate those perceptions to others

If this doesn't sum up what I've been about for the past year or so I don't know what does. At least in my head, anyway.

The opposite sign to Gemini is Saggitarius. From Saggitarius, Gemini can learn to absorb a broader view of life and provide structure to the mass of information which is inherently collected. Thus, can Gemini natives learn to discover the truth.

This makes me sad.

Negative Traits: changeable, restless, inquisitive, inconsistent, superficial, cunning, nervous, tense and something of a gossip.

It seems to be that changeable and inquisitiv aren't necessarily bad traits? Cunning as well.

And a gossip, me? Ha!

Likes: talking, novelty, variety, anything unusual and working on multiple projects at the same time.

Dislikes: being alone, being in a rut, mental inaction, conventional learning and feeling tied down.

Yes indeed. The conventional learning part in particular. Totally dropped out of college because of that stuff. Couldn't get into it.

Spiritual Goal: To learn how to cooperate

That one is interesting for a lot of reasons I'm not sure I can get into right now.

Gemini natives are imaginative, generous and affectionate, but their frequent desire for change often makes them dissatisfied with existing conditions. Friends of those born under this influence of this Sign love the cheerfulness, quick wit and lively mind inherent in the Gemini make-up, but are often puzzled by the displays of withdrawal which are also a feature of this Zodiac Sign.

The 'displays of withdrawal' bit on this one is what really caught my attention. I go through these phases, pretty short on either side, of wanting to hang out with people and be totally active...and then close myself in my house and not go anywhere. They usually cycle through several times a week. Nothing personal, just need to recharge I guess.

In short, due to an insatiable urge to invade new territory, the Gemini individual tends to be free with what he or she does not need or want and may frequently neglect or reject much that could be useful and/or valuable.

Ain't that the truth.

that alhough they have been born under two lucky stars (instead of just one, like most others), this double luck can run out and result in nothing.

This vexes me.

it is important for Gemini individuals to be in touch with those who understand them. If not, then there is a tendency to wilt and undergo an intellectual suffering that few will be able to fully comprehend.

Ya, understanding is pretty important. In some past relationships I've felt I had to justify my actions or couldn't be who I was. That sucked and made for a depressed Ryan.

Gemini's reach for the perfect human relationship will probably mean that such an individual is constantly disappointed until he or she realizes that there truly is no such thing as a "perfect relationship." Indeed, it may be Gemini's secret fear that he or she will never find a true "soul-mate" for life.

Sad again. Stupid fears.

There is a tendency here to want everything to go smoothly and according to plan without any personal effort.

This is something that still can get to me but I think I have dealt with this one pretty well. Back in High School I used to get SO bent out-of-shape when my plans would fall apart. I mean like super frustrated and pissy. I dealt with that mostly by not putting together concrete plans anymore. Now I try to come up with a 'framework'...a generalized idea of what I want to do but try to remain very flexible. That works well for me.

Gemini individuals need constant feedback for the good of their souls.

In other words, 'COMMENT DAMN IT!'. :D

[snip]...coupled with an amusingly biased outlook on varying human situations. With regard to serious issues, however, Gemini is invariably scrupulously fair and unbiased.

Displayed without comment.

can close a potentially romantic chapter with more finality than any other male of the Zodiac when he suspects something valuable and dear will be lost to him should he choose to continue.

Again w/o comment.

However, there is often a tendency toward greyness rather early in life.

That was in the physical appearance section talking about hair. Wild.

the swift mental activity of the inherent Gemini character coupled with the emotionality of the Moon causes feelings to be held in too much scrutiny. The Gemini Moon expresses emotions in an uneven and inconsistent manner while harboring a direct need to speak the truth.

This bit more or less describes what has gotten me into the situation I find myself. My conversation on Monday morning was all about this and getting permission to be Ok with my feelings and not have to evaluate them. Inconsistency is the bain of my existence sometimes.

The Gemini Sun/Gemini Moon combination produces what could be described as a personality of very high voltage electricity. This will not be a steady and smooth flow of electricity, but rather one composed of static charges which are constantly active and bound from one place to another. [snip] No matter how hard Gemini natives ruled by a Gemini Moon might try, they are not apt to "burn a hole" of concentrative intensity through anything.

Word. I like the last sentence the most. Several years ago when I first started toying with the idea of taking medication one of my main reasons was because I couldn't concentrate on anything for a long period of time. ADD runs in the male side of the family so I figured that a 'magic pill' may be able to help me out. Well, while meds have helped with some anxiety stuff my ability to concentrate is still shit. But I've come to accept it more and an embrace it.

Ok, this has gotten long enough. Found it interesting and helpful. Go look up your stuff!


Kirsten said...

Cool Site!!! Just started reading and got enrgrossed...probably not a good thing to be doing at work! ;-) Will have to read more later and take notes! Some of the stuff that I already read seems dead on...other stuff, not so much, but will read more later! Thanks for sharing the site! That part about you getting grey hair was freaky! :)

idream2 said...
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Kat said...

Guess what! I'm a Gemini!
The world shall soon collide with another...
Though I don't, eh, believe in astrology. Maybe they should add that somewhere in the description of the sign.
'Does not believe in astrology, this particular description, or anything that tries to describe behavior based on the motion of planets, stars, and things that move because of forces of nature.'