Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Next Trip

I've wanted to hit the North East for a long time. I've hit all the major parts of the country at one point or another and I've been to most of the continental United States. But I have not yet been to the North East past Rhode Island. Primarily I want to hit Maine and Vermont and I think doing it now, like within a couple of days, is starting to make the most sense for me. Mostly because of weather considerations (not too cold yet and the leaves changing).

So I'm pretty close to tossing some stuff in the Jeep and heading out for another week or so. No plan. No real destination other than the nebulous North East.

Anyway want to watch Mimic for me when I go?


Kirsten said...

I'm jealous that you can just take off like that. New England this time of year is just amazing!
Here is fall foliage tracker if you need one:
I'd be happy to help w/the cat, although I may be gone next weekend myself. Just let me know when you finalize plans, and I'll see what I can do.

CMS said...

Hit the lakes region and maybe pack a tent. I've always wanted to do that in the fall. Ya know the whole "Golden Pond" thing ( which I can actually tell you how to get there :-) ) But note that specific lake is in NH not VT.

And, I have heard, if you hit Maine, check out the beach and get a lobster. Clean ( but nasty cold) beaches and good lobster. Again, that's all from hearsay. Haven't actually made it there myself.