Monday, April 21, 2008

Don't Be A Turkey

I went away for the weekend with a bunch of people for a wine weekend. It was a good time and I learned some things. I'm not going to bore you with details of the entire weekend but I am going to hit some highlights:

1) On the way down 5 of us hit two vineyards and ended up purchasing 3 cases (36 bottles) of wine. That's a lot of wine.

2) Sometimes a $44 bottle of wine is actually worth $44.

3) People that have been drinking a lot all day like to sing. Good times.

4) Getting pulled over for the license plate registration being expired after leaving a wine festival can be somewhat nerve racking.

5) Wine festivals are still fun even in the rain.

6) The attitude with the Bourborsville people is unbelievably shitty. "We are big enough that we don't have to care", "I've been drinking wine since I was 3" and "We aren't going to open anymore bottles to taste because it is raining". WTF? It's a wine festival you morons. Let us taste your damn wine and loose the attitude. "Too big to care". Jackass.

7) Smaller wineries are more awesome than bigger well-known ones.

8) Meritage is pronounced like heritage and is an American word.

9) Attack ducks.

10) "The frog jumps at midnight" and "the bunnies hop at midnight" are both very funny.

11) The turkey was almost the national bird.

13) You can make a wine taste like liquor (whiskey)

14) This is a story: Saturday night some of us were hanging outside before bed beneath a porch-like thing. One person was leaning back in his chair so the rain could hit his face. Someone else looked at him and said "Don't be a turkey" to which everyone else looked at her with blank stares and said "...and?". "Do you really need me to finish it?" "Yes". "Don't be a turkey...and die!". After we could breath from laughing so hard we requested an explanation as to what she was talking about. Turns out, the comment makes total sense once you know that turkey's, not being the smartest animals on the planet, will sometimes look up in the sky when it is raining and actually drown. Wow.

All in all, a good time.


James said...

Sounds like you were in the Charlottesville area. We did that for our anniversary last year. We heard about one of the snooty wineries there so we avoided it (Kluge Estate). We did like the ones we did go to. A couple were on the smaller side (Jefferson and First Colony) and one was a bit larger and more commercial-like (Prince Michel). Absolutely loved the Port from First Colony...really good with dark chocolate.

The Maryland wineries aren't nearly as exciting, but they are very close by, so if you want to hit them up sometime, let me know. Linganore is only 6 or 7 miles from here, and Loew and Elk Run are not much farther.

EJ said...

I just started laughing all over again after the turkey part. Thankfully, I had the phone muted on the conference call I'm on...

Kirsten said...

re: the attack ducks....we're thinking that our next vacation (a beach week) should be in DUCK NC ;-)

Ryan said...

I like the idea of Duck, NC. :)

We actually went to Kluge. I wasn't too impressed with the wine, although the Cru was very interesting. The grounds were nice and the food was great, though.

We did hit Jefferson, which was really busy. Ports are good for chocolate for sure but they are a little too rich for me.

That would be fun to do sometime (hitting some of the MD ones). You all should join us sometime. The Meetup group is ( and is free to join. There is a wine festival we are going to this Sunday in Reston which is pretty good.

Becky said...

I've been attacked my a duck before....very traumatizing.....could explain why I am the way I am today:)

Becky said...

Oops.....should have read "by" not "my"....:)

Ryan said...

I witnessed a duck attack before too! The thing just put its head down and kept ramming into her leg. It was a riot. Could explain why I like them so much now.