Thursday, April 17, 2008

Horrible Debate

Seriously, it took almost an hour before an actual policy question was asked? WTF? If you ever wondered how Bush was elected twice last nights debate is a prime example. My favorite 'question':

STEPHANOPOULOS: Senator, two questions. Number one, do you think Reverend Wright loves America as much as you do?

'Loves America as much as you do'. Can we PLEASE get some adults in charge and not this god damn infintile high school cool kids bullshit? I don't give a flying fuck who 'loves America' more. Loves America compared to what? How subjective can you get?

Seriously, this is bullshit. If the media can't get over the nit-picking gaffes that anyone will make and actually get to policy differences and the way in which these people may actually govern the country, they all need to be shot. The aren't serving the public and they are just allowing people like Bush and his cronies to pull one over on everyone else. How do you get people to vote against their own interests? By making it all about who is the most like them, the everyman/woman, the John/Jane Doe of America. Really, would you want to try to run the country? I sure as hell wouldn't. John Stewart was awesome the other day when he was going on about how he absolutely wants a President that is superior to him. Embarassingly superior and elite. I totally agree. I want superman/woman as the President, not some beer drinking jackass frat boy POS.

Grow up.

UPDATE: Just came across this. A less 'colorful' analysis than mine. Very good, though.


James said...

I haven't been following the campaigns/debates very closely, but I do pick up some snippets... I'm pretty sure I heard that Obama was criticized for not wearing a flag pin on his lapel. I guess in my lack of keeping up on things, I must have missed the story where politicians have a formal dress code that includes said pin and that Obama was being all non-conformist by not following the policy. Geez.

Think I also heard something about how he did not salute the flag at some event (I guess for the pledge or the anthem) and he mentioned something about how the flag was behind him and he didn't know it or some such thing. Again, why all the nit-picking? What a ridiculous waste of everyone's time. Sadly, though, I guess it's easier to do that than to drill down and really focus in on the substantive stuff that really matters. How sad.

Ryan said...

Yes, the lapel pin is the most irritating thing. I'd really like to have a national discourse that is intelligent and not boiled down to sound bites and 'gothca' moments.

The saluting the flag thing was because some dickhead reporter thought his hand wasn't on his heart during the pledge when it was the national anthem at a game or something.

Seriously, can we at least have a basic level of verification if we are going to have garbage for reporting?