Friday, April 25, 2008

Speaking of Dreams

This series of posts are going to be funny. This is the third I've written back-to-back but you all will probably read them backwards so the train of thought is going to be weird.

Anyway, I had this dream last night (either after the Misfit one or the second part of that one) that it cost me over $200 to fill up my gas tank. I started to think how much of a pain that would be and that'd I'd have to work from home sometimes, etc.

But really, maybe gas climbing in price isn't a bad thing in the long term. Sure, it'll be a huge bitch in the short term for everyone but maybe these are the kind of things that need to happen to get people motivated to make changes.

Whatever. Just a thought.

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Joe said...

You are right perhaps. People do not act unless it is shocking to them and that would definately do the trick.

I think the rising gas cost is a direct price fixing for the new more economical cars that will be coming out in the next few years. Cars will be using less gas but you will be paying the same price as before to fill up.. by paying more per gallon.

I sure wish an eco car would be put into the AFFORDABLE market and didnt look like a roller skate.

- Joe