Thursday, April 24, 2008


There are a few things I sing the praises of: Tivo, Chiropractors, ducks and Meetup!. With regards to Meetup, it's really the way to go to meet people and increase your social circle. There are two groups I am very active in and two I am somewhat active in, despite being a co-organizer of one. I shall link to all four in a moment.

I right this because if you aren't in Meetup you should give it a shot. Most of the groups are free and the ones that aren't are very very cheap (like $20/year) to offset organizational costs. There are groups all around the country for practically anything you can imagine. You owe it to yourself to check it out.

As a way to show you what kind of crazy goes on, here is a blog that Shana updates with pictures from the adventures of the two groups I'm most active in (EDM and the Wine group).

And here are the links to the ones I am most involved in. Join people, join.

The Virginia Wine Club

Eat, Drink and Meet-NoVA Group (aka EDM aka Julie's Group)

The Fairfax Camping Meetup Group (The one I am co-organizer in name only)

DC/MD/VA Adventure Meetup (First group I joined)


Becky said...

Ok I'll go stalk Shana now....jk:) I looked and wow, that looked like a lot of fun!!!! I sooooo need to get out more:)

Joe said...

The one time I went to a meetup it was by accident and I must say the people that were there were crazy cool.

Just dont want to drive to VA every meetup, I think I need to find one here in Hagersbush. Its like finding a girlfriend right? :p

- Joe