Thursday, April 24, 2008

How Should I Take This?

And now for another edition of 'How Should I Take This?'

This one was emailed to me by a friend. The email subject said 'Made me think of you ;)' and this was the link in the email.

I leave this without further comment.


Becky said...

Dude....once I saw the title...well, I can't play it yet b/c the kids are right here....I'm afraid haha:) I'll play it later, but title alone...YOU??? Do you have a secret life we don't know about haha???:)

Shana said...

It was the whole Sodomy conversation with my parents... your memory will forever be linked with that word. 8^D

Joe said...

Yeah that is the first thing that came to mind Shana. The conversation he had with your parents. :)

The 2nd thing was that Ryan likes Family guy so..

Ryan is not into the topic of that song, at least he use to not be.. no sore mornings in the past hahaha :p