Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Kids Are Funny

Here is a story Darin related to me about his two oldest kids.  Their house is basically my home away from home.  I have my own cabinet. :)

Anyway, here you go:

Caden has been driving his yellow truck around in the basement announcing “Look at me… I’m Ryan driving my Jeep!”  followed by driving sounds I won’t try to mimic in text form.  Shay thinks it’s funny and they “drove” around the basement that way for hours yesterday.  Shay asked Caden/Ryan if they can drive to your house and Caden proceeded to drive into the cubby hole.

Aww.  I live in a cubby hole. :)

1 comment:

Antijen said...

Oh, that's adorable. I'm hoping the "driving sounds" didn't include the stuff you reserve for jerks in heavy traffic... :)