Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Weirdest Shit Ever

So i'm up at Cliff Palace getting ready to take an hour walking tour of this old dwelling built into a cliff but before I do I decide it would be prudent to make a deposit. I find the bathroom facility that turns out to be an overhyped outhouse (inside pictured above).

So there is a sign that says 'Please keep the lid shut to help with ventilation and odor' and I think 'how nice!'. So I open the lid, drop my drawers and sit my naked white butt down on the lid.

Now, there is a myth they busted on Mythbusters that talks about someone flushing an airplane toilet and the suction keeping the person stuck on the toliet. That immediately went through my mind as I realized that the ventilation the sign was speaking of wasn't in the room I was in but actually from beneath in the big hole containg the motherload of crap. The next effect was a suction effect that pulled air down the toilet from around my butt and croch that wasn't all together unpleasant but very VERY weird.


Clyde said...

I'm not sure which disturbs me more, the fact that it happened or the fact that it wasn't all together unpleasant :-)

So, I guess we are brothers in Jeepdom now...I got a wild hair and went out last Saturday and bought a 2004 Wrangler. I love my Jeep!

Erica said...

Aww. You guys will have to make sure to learn the trademark "Jeep wave".

Ryan said...

Yay Team Jeep!

And you would have found it pleasurable too. :)