Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ren Faire - Opening Day

My favorite time of the year has rolled around again.  Football and the Ren Faire.  It stinks the scheduling conflicts sometimes but good times!  Soon I'll be hanging out at Darin and Becky's on Monday nights cooking and eating while watching MNF.  On the weekends I'll hit a college game or the faire...maybe this year I can score pro tickets.


In any case, check out my goofy ass between two beautiful chicks.  Erica is in the front and Shana is in the back.  Check out my white arms!  Wow, that's really pretty disturbing.

Oh, and good god was it hot.  100+ degrees the Jeep said before we arrived.  Humid as heck.  Felt like a sauna most of the day.  Totally sweated through my silk shirt (yea, silk...good call on my part).  Luckily nothing a lot of wine and mead couldn't handle.

On the way home we drove through this amazingly violent storm.  It was quite awesome. 


Antijen said...

Sweet - we'll be hitting the Ren Faire this fall for sure. I'll let you know when, if you want to join us!

But my god, man, try and tan those arms before then! :)

Shana said...

Yes indeed good times.

I especially liked getting soaked in the back of the jeep on the way back. Of course you and Erica knew that from the incessant giggling.

Ryan said...

I think we all ended up someone wet from the jeep ride home, but you got the worst. Just the way you like it I imagine.