Wednesday, August 29, 2007


 Here are some pictures.  I'll comment as we go.

Caught this place on my way out of Boulder on my first visit there.  Thought it was a funny name for a restaurant:


The front range between Boulder and Denver:


A horse I once owned not liking the heat.  This is Symphony:


And here is Dillon, the other horse:


Here is a local dog in front of a shop in Nederland.  These small mountain towns and, to a lesser extent, Boulder and Denver have this plague of dogs laying on sidewalks so they can be tripped over.  I honestly thought this one was dead at first.  Turns out, he has regular visitors each day that bring him treats and such.  He is owned by the shop owner:


A covered bridge for walking over a stream.  This is in Nederland still:


Here is the stream it is over (taken from the bridge):


The big-ass German place in Nederland, The Black Forest:


A real penny arcade!  A lot of these games were $0.01 and $0.05.  In fact, a dime was too much.  And the change machine would change a quarter!  I don't know why but I am totally fascinated by this:


A soccer game for $0.01:


A $0.01 peep show!  This machine was awesome, wish I had thought about taking a picture of the machine itself.  I think I do have one but it's crappy so you can't tell what you are looking at.  In any case, you put your face in this set of goggle things and drop in a penny.  For about 2 seconds this scene is presented to you.  Its pretty weird...totally not what I expected:


For $0.05 you can watch a monkey clap its cymbals:


The town the penny arcade was in, Monitoue (is that right Chrissy?) is known for it's natural mineral springs.  They made these fountains that are always running throughout the town where you can snag some water.  Here is one:


And here is a t-shirt.  Probably need to edit this one a bit to make it out.  Maybe some day:


In Colorado Springs, on the way to Pike's Peak, you can find the North Pole!


Some cool place I had lunch at in Evergreen outside of Denver.  They have this awesome bar that people have been carving stuff into for years.  Unfortunately, those pictures didn't come out. :(


And finally, a preview of my next picture post:


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CMS said...

Ok, the town is spelled Manitou although your alternatives are much more creative :-)

I need to get that t-shirt. Don't think I'd ever wear it though. For those who can't read it, it's simply a spoof on "Green Eggs and Ham" .The bottom line reads, "Slammed I Am". When I'm back in town, I'll get the rest of the words... if they haven't sold out of course :-).