Friday, July 27, 2007

The Big Open Sky

Evertime I drive across the middle of the US...your Iowas, Nebraskas and Kansasies...I have an apiphany. I decided to write it down this time so I can stop having it.

There really is something to the "big open sky" that comes up in songs and such about the midwest. The sky is fricken huge. There are not any trees or structures to block your sight and it really is impressive. I don't know that I could ever live in one of those states but seeing that sky like that is something I would never tire of.

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CMS said...

I have to hardily agree with you there. I have never seen a star filled sky as beautiful as when driving through Kansas. ( Stopped for the star viewing though :-) ) I have heard that Montana rivals pretty strongly, but I have never gotten there.

That being said, I will also state that Kansas is like, if not worse, than driving through the rural eastern shore of MD for what.....8 or more hours. That _is_ painful.