Friday, July 27, 2007


I arrived in Denver last night about 4 ish east coast time.  I decided to push through all the way.  Dang that was a long day.  20 hours, 1200 miles and one nap, but I'm basically here.  Just a 30 minute drive up the mountain and I'm there.   Let the fun begin.

Oh, before I forget.  I was listening to the radio and that song about becoming a rock star by Nickleback came on.  The Dobson 'Focus on the Family' influence is apparent because they were bleeping out all kinds of stuff, like the word drug.  Oh, but Playboy was ok.  Weird. 


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darin said...

Yeah... dude I was real surprised the word drug was censored. It really doesn't make much sense. If I were a rock star, I'd consider writing a song and bleeping out some normal non controversial work just for the heck of it.