Monday, July 30, 2007


Today we went into Denver. It was mostly a very frustrating experience because it was mostly last second. I have learned that last second planning (or lack thereof) and big cities do not go together. Also, once again, I discovered that me and no food do not got together.

So we went home and took a nap. Then we went to Nederland!

Now, Nederland is a town in the moutanins tucked away in a valleyish area on the way to Boulder. This place has hippie written all over it. Grest town! Lots of neat little shops and restaurants. And four bars!

Here is my thinking on the name Nederland. Either they meant it to be Neverland, but were too high to spell it right. Or, and I think this is most likely, it is named after my heor in Three Amigos...Ned Nederlander. Therefore, it should obvious that someone should open bar/restaurant called Ned's in which a talking turtle serenades the patrons. How cool would that be?


Dave said...

I think "Nederland" is also (phonetically) how people from Holland say "Netherland".

darin said...

Skip what people from Holland say... I think it's a great idea to open Ned's. The turtles would be a must.