Monday, July 30, 2007

Fricken Work

So work raised it's ugly head and demanded that I address it. I had to drive into town to a small coffee shop because the Library is closed on Sunday and Monday. So there is where I sit, working.

Boo! :(

However, once this is done I think today will be spent in Nederland checking out all the hippie art and stuff and then dinner at this big ass German restaurant called the Black Forrest. The Black Forrest has a special place in my heart because we played a radio show there when I was in Europe the first time and the director popped a solo on me. Bastard.


Kirsten said...

How DARE they expect you to work!!! It's your Vacation for cryin out loud! :)

Hope it didn't take too long...and you have fun in nederland!

Anonymous said...
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CMS said...

So.... how'd you fair on the solo ?? ;-)

Ryan said...

I was uber awesome of course.

Clyde said...

So I have been a comlete slacker on keeping up with your blog, but I figure better Nate than lever.

So, was there any twisted cutlery hippie art?