Saturday, July 28, 2007

Black Hawk and Central City

The closest town to where I am staying is Black Hawk - a gambling town. Central city is right next to it, like a mile away. They both have town halls and police forces.

The way Blawk Hawk was described to me I had thought it to be some poor little crappy town with one casino and a gas station. Wrong. Its like Vegas in the Rockies. Big ass Casinos with all the trimmings.

Central City also has a bunch of Casinos but has little shops and such as well. And, the biggest surprise of all, and Opera house...a pretty famous one at that apprently. Been in business for 75 years. If I knew anything about opera, I was told, I would have been impressed by the level of superstars they have there. Apparently one sat next to me at the Face Bar. Ah the face bar, that's a different story.

To give you an idea, think of the old west meets a smaller scale Vegas. Black Hawk would be the strip and Central City would be the old part of Vegas...Eldin Street I think? The two cities are REALLÝ cool.

Btw, isn't Central City the name of a town in a video game? Policy Academy comes to mind.

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Silent Joe said...

so basically.. black hawk is for guys and central city is for girls? :p