Thursday, July 12, 2007


Love that show!  It is so funny how some of the plotlines in that show parallel my romantic life.  Actually, its usually funny...sometimes it stinks.


Bunny said...

Please expand...what is going on? How are things in your romantic life that are like the show? Do you drink apple-tinis when things get tough?

Ryan said...


Well, regarding Scrubs I was mostly referring to my past (and current friendship) with Leslie. Lots of parallels.

As for my current romatic life...that is the subject for a series of posts I believe. :)

Erica said...

So, as I was watching Scrubs last night. I thought of this post...
I then got this mental image of Ryan working in a hospital. There was a scene where Turk and JD have to try to figure out which stuffed dog is the real Stephen and uhh feeling the dogs up. I laughed at the mental image of you in that scene and about lost it. :)
I'm weird :)