Saturday, July 28, 2007

On The Way To Boulder

I decided to head to Boulder today. It's about 35 miles away but the road is uber windy and the speed limit is about 40. Plus, it is raining, which I enjoy but not everyone does.

On the way I saw the place pictured above and it looked like it was really hopping, so I decided to stop for lunch.

I am now sitting at a table inside waiting for my breakfast eggs and chili thing. Across the road is a dude that does trail rides that I think i'm going to check out.

The place is busy as heck so I sat at the tiny bar they have while waiting for a seat. I'm drinking a rather hoppy but refreshing beer as well. The people are nice and sociable which has more or less been typical up here in the hinterlands of Colorado.

On to boulder!

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