Monday, January 05, 2009


NOTE: This is the post I referred to awhile back. I had initially posted it about a week ago but it kept the original date/time I wrote it so you probably didn't see it. So here it is.

I came across a movie tonight that was on the TV and watched it. Definately a chick flick but I was in that sorta mood I guess. Anyway, at different points in the movie the main character narrates a poem. There was one in particular that really tugged at me and I decided to post it here.

The movie is called "Fall".

steel blue-grey clouds over small lights.
sweet balance and snowflakes on the steps waiting,
like me,
for you to fall.

if only you were able to move…
to go, to fly, to fall.

i know how deep your smile,
how hard your love,
how far your longing,
how wild your pleasure…
if you were able to fall.

to see you there then would tickle me crazy.
to see you there in the embrace of that fall.
but i already know that view…
you have that smile.

your eyes for another bring that…
that love, that joy, that fall…

therefore i hum,
i sigh,
i giggle,
i kiss,
i smile,
i know,
i bow,
i go…

having had the joy,
having had the very joy i’ve ever desired for you,
only for you,
and your fall…
…for him.

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Kirsten said...

Cool poem. Thanks for posting.