Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Log - Friday 10/3/06

Sun woke me up. Hung the hammock. Cleaned up 2nd anchor and dingy stuff. Ready to get underway for Harbor Point marina and a hot shower. Feel a cold coming on.

Biked into town from Solomon Yacthmans Marina where we rented a slip for the night. Hit Solomons Island Winery and then Food Lion for some additional supplies. Heading into town on foot for crabs and entertainment shortly.

Crabs were awesome. Mere had a crappy $75 psychic reading while C and I tossed rocks at a manhole cover. Went back to boat to put on warm clothed and then head to Solomons Pier.

Had too much to drink. Mudslides. Cold riding home. Feeling crappy. Great conversation with C though. Now I need to rough this out.

Brief rest on hammock fixed the sickness. Good wine. Good conversation. Feel good.


Clyde said...

Ahh yes! the rocks at the manhole could I have forgotten? You know, based on The Wizard of Oz, there are good witches and wicked witches...I think Jesse was a wicked psychic...counterbalanced, of course by our good psychic ;-)

Meredith Self said...

i reiterate that i didn't want to do it :)