Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Log - Monday 10/6/08

Awoke at 7:50 am. Long way to go today. The septic tank is full. Need to find a pump out and diesel fuel.

Took two hours to find pump out and diesel. Marina was mislabeled on map. Ran aground briefly. Pump out was done by attendent. Turned out to have only needed 12 1/2 gallons of fuel.

Sailed for a couple of hours averaging about 7 kts. Had to turn on engine because of winds out of north preventing us from making good time north. Only 4 hours left and 30ish nm to go.

Arrived two hours late. Late fee will be assessed. Oh well, it was worth it.

Under Power: 6 hours
Sailed: 2 hours


There ends the log. The speed readings were affect by current so our actual speed was probably 2 knots or so less than it read. The entire trip was fantastic. Can't wait to go again.

Oh, just saw that Mere had written down what we had to eat on most days. So here you go, how we ate like kings and queens thanks to Mere:

Tuesday: Cheese and Salami
tilapia cocunut red curry w/ guchien

Wednesday: egg, bacon toast
scallops with cider butter sage sauce, pasta, zuchini, almonds
pesto feta tomato pita pizza

Thursday: granola with blueberries, avacado toast
sandwiches with avacado sprouts
ashore: crab cakes

Saturday: eggs and hotdogs, avacado toast
steak, rosemary potatoes, corn (trailmix and grapes)
ratatouille, baked garlic

Sunday: eggs and salami, avacado taost, ratatouille
mac and cheese with tuna (stawberries and cheese)

Monday: No one remembers

Future ideas: jumbalya, red beans and rice, fettucini and olives, chillie, stew, beef and rice with pine nuts, brocolli marinara, pesto salad, stir fry

Ok, I butchered some of the words. Oy.

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Meredith Self said...

and now...panak paneer...

ready to go again