Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Log - Saturday 10/4/08

Went to bed late, woke up early with a bit of a hangover. Heading to Oxford today.

Sailed maybe an hour before having to strike sails and motor. Attempted to sail one more time just outside of Choptank Bay, no good. Motored into Oxford.

Got over fear of VHF radio and contacted Mears Yacht Haven for a transient slip. Going in bow first was pretty easy. Decided to come out and back in. Boat does not turn quickly in revers because of 3-fin feather prop. Managed to get us in w/o major incident.

Had dinner with Dad and Kim. Very yummy. Showed Dad the rigging and stuff. He nodded alot and was a good sport.

Sat up and drank a bit after they left and then hit the hay.

Under Power: 4.5 hours
Sailed: 2 hours

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