Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Log - Wednesday 10/1/08

Wind picked up from 2 knots to gusting over 20. Had to turn into wind because of serious keeling. Weather helm prevented us from coming back on course. Reefed main, no good. Struck Genoa. No good. Dropped main and let out 1/3 genoa. Able to make headway. Winds died down to 10 - 15 kts about one hour later. Let out entire genoa for three hours. Under bridge. Raised all sais and shook out reef 1 hour later. Made it to cove for the night just before total darkness.

Expect small craft warning at 10 pm to tomorrow afternoon. 15+ kts sustained and gusts to 25 kts.

Felt sick all day from acid in tomato juice. Slept big chunks away. C & M did great. No seasickness.

Rigged a way to keep dingy on back of boat instead of towing.

No wind until 1:30 or so.

Under Power: 3 hours
Sailing: 5 hours

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