Thursday, January 22, 2009

Cruise Log - Sunday 10/5/08

Left much later than planned. Worried we won't make the island today. Almost hit another sailboat. Too busy playing with chat plotter. Other dude didn't see us until we were on him because we were hidden by his mainsail. He blasted the alert signal and we were able to turn just in time. 'Pleasantries' were exchanged and we continued on our way.

Made it to the party island after motoring for 7 hours and traveling some 40 nm. The island itself has a beach but a chain surrounds the entire island. It reminded me of LOST. Some good pics were taken.

Early start tomorrow. Worried about gas level since gauge is either broken or very optimistic.

Stayed up late listening to Chick Corea jass and reading tarot cards. Maybe there is something to this.

Under Power: 7 hours
Sailed: 0 hours :(


Clyde said...

This may qualify as one of my most favorite days ever.

So many nights I just dream of the ocean, God, I wish I was sailing again

Meredith Self said...

curses, man.