Monday, June 30, 2008

Cindy McCain

A friend sent me this email and asked me for my take on it. Here is my response, if anyone cares to know more about Cindy:

While that stuff is true on the face of it, there is always another side.

For example, the drug addiction. The only reason they came out publicly with it was because of an impending story exposing it was about to be published ( As a result, the charity was shut down and a doctor's license was revoked. Cindy had a slap on the wrist.

Yea, she contributes to charities, as does her husband. The funny thing here is the one they mostly contribute to is the one that funds the private school her children attend (

There is an arguement that one of the reasons John McCain dropped his first wife in favor of Cindy was due to her fortune so that he could run for Congress. In fact, she did help him with his original bid and is involved in something called the Keating Five which is long and complicated but may get some air eventually (

And to top it all off, the recipes that she has put out turned out to be copied from Food Network (

There is some other stuff but that is a good start. It all comes down to how you like to spin the truth.


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James said...

I did think the Food Network thing was pretty funny. My guess is that some low-level staffer was responsible for that gaffe, but it was still shameful. I guess a Republican's wife can't say, "I'm too busy being successful in my career so let me point you to a few of my favorite recipes from the Food Network." Wouldn't want to reveal that she works outside of the