Monday, June 30, 2008


Here are the movies I want to see that are out now. Who wants to see what with me?

1) WALL*E.
2) The Happening
3) Hancock (starts Wednesday)
4) The Love Guru
5) Get Smart



James said...

Took the kids to WALL-E on was awesome enough that I would definitely see it again in the theater. Minus the love-story/robot-with-emotions part of it, it's probably one of the most grown-up Pixar movies plot-wise. Interesting take on the future.

I'd have to talk to someone who's seen Get Smart and especially Love Guru before seeing them in the theater...I'd probably wait for DVD on both.

Kirsten said...

Not familiar w/the Happening (guessing it's a scary movie?) But I all the others I definitely want to I'm in!

Ryan said...

Yea, 'The Love Guru' and 'Get Smart' only made the list because I have some interest in them, but I'm not going to be too upset if I miss them in the theater.

I think 'The Happening' is at the top of my list, though: for trailers and such.

Dave said...

Jen and I are up for Wall-E, I'd like to see Hancock. Have you seen Kung-fu Panda?

BTW, email me. I don't think I have your current email addy.


Shana said...

I'd like to see Hancock and the Love Guru.

(I'd see Wall*E again.. it was fan*freaking*tastic!!)

darin said...

I'm game for seeing Hancock