Monday, June 02, 2008


Blah, can't think of a witty title right now. Maybe one comes by the end of the post. Stream of conciousness in 3...2...1...

I'm at work. It's 7:49 and there is supposedly an 8 am meeting that I believe has now been pushed back to 9 and it seems that everyone but I know about it. There is no email about it, so I wonder how everyone found out. Just another example of the shitty communication in this place that is making me question staying. The benefits are good, the pay isn't bad, I have an office, most of the people are easy to work with and pretty cool on top of it...but the key management just SUCKS. I mean really sucks. In the past I've fought those battles at other companies but at this point with where I'm at I'm just not willing to do it again. There is a tipping point where on one side there are the benefits and the flexibility and on the other side there is the fricken crazy stress brought about by people in management positions that shouldn't be there that sooner or later is going to cause me to bail. I'm already at the point where I'm ok with it. It would cause some hardships and stress in the short term, which would suck since I'm finally close on having stuff put back together financially. In any case, this morning will be interesting.

Last week I tossed a lot of time and effort at stuff here to try to get something together for a demo that was supposed to happen Friday evening but was then pushed back to "8am" this morning, which is now magically, apparently, 9 am. To make a long story short because I'm tired of dealing with it I received some emails over the weekend from the boss boss that were very critical of what we have done and very disappointing. The reasons for the state of the projects are mainly do to shit management and I refuse to be left holding the bag on that guys fuck ups. We basically had two months to do the project, 6 weeks of which were wasted with him pulling the rug out from under us because he's too proud or clueless to actually tell us what he wants. We didn't get that information until May 15th. So in essence, we had 10 business days to make it happen. Well, no shit its missing half the features. What did you think would happen. I sent an email where my frustration bled through very clearly Sunday night. I just received a response requesting to sit down and talk about it. Stay tuned.

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SuperMel said...

Full points for getting there at 8. Good luck with the situation today.