Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Obama and the Hillary Faithful: A Question

I have a question for the ladies in particular and I need a perspective check here.

On the way in to work today I was listening to some pundits babel as they so often do. One of things they were talking about were the letters they have received since last night regarding the Hillary faithful and the question of voting for Obama or not. What came out of it was that a perspective that many of the women that are threatening to sit out the election was that they relate to Obama as someone in their own lives who was a younger flashy male that swept in and just pushed them aside.

So my question is this, as I know quite a few of you preferred Hillary over Obama: how personal was that decision and is it something you think people can move past by November?


Kirsten said...

Well, I have been an Obama fan from the beginning, but my Mom, a life long League of Women Voters member, has been a Hillary supporter from the beginning. In my limited conversations w/her about who she is voting for, she stated that she felt she had to support Hillary over Obama b/c one of her life long missions has been to see a woman in the white house. However, she also stated that if Hillary did not win, she would absolutely stand behind Obama 100%. I wonder why these Hillary supporters are so against Obama? I would think that they'd much rather see him in office than McCain?? I also wonder if these women will still sit out the elections if Hillary gets the VP Ticket? Ok...more questions than answers here, but interesting things to think about.

SuperMel said...

I think the folks who are considering sitting out the election have ISSUES, and perhaps they shouldn't vote anyway, but that's another story.

Pains me to say it, but I preferred Hillary initially because I identified with her as a woman...and I had fond memories of her husband's administration (Monica notwithstanding). That was personal. Later, as I researched issues and voting records etc, it became more impersonal. And as Hil screwed up more and more it was far easier to let go of the idea of a woman in the White House.

The Hil Faithful are reducing it to gender. Just because we have vajayjays doesn't mean we have to vote for the female candidate or we will be betraying the feminist cause. If a male candidate named Hillary conducted his campaign like her, surrounded himself with incompetent staff, would the HF still consider sitting out the election?

So I'd say the HF are in the throes of rejection, and jealousy of Obama. It'll take a while for the sting to wear off (i.e. grow up), but I think they'll get over it by November. It might result in votes for Barr or McCain for spite, but I think they'll vote.

Meredith Self said...

the ultimate in non-prejudice is really not seeing gender/race/religion/age/healthy/beauty...etc.

So i'd rather vote for someone i believe in. Though usually I vote for the least likely to muck things up. Refreshing choice this time around.

Having a woman in the white house of questionable _____oh so many things to mention that i won't start_____ only serves to hurt women.

Would like to see a woman there someday, too, for sure.

But Obama is breaking barriers, too.

I'd like to see a non-republican, non-democrat as pres. Oh now we're talking.