Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Demo Destruction

How do you guarantee that a demo to a customer is going to go to shit? By introducing massive changes to the underlying framework the day before the demo. This place has that down to a science.

What others ways can you do it? By introducing major changes to the style sheets and then allowing your designed to take off at 5 pm.

And if that wasn't enough, another way you can screw your employees is to ask already stressed out people to provide a list of what you have done over the past month on the day before a demo. Good timing, that.

Oh, and now the mofo left. He fricken left. What the fuck is that? The guy running the show, the manager, the man with the plan, he who must approve everything, took off while we are waiting for database changes to verify that stuff works on the demo site where they are going to, you know, demo from.

I am so torn right now between wanting to say fuck it and leave to and my ethics, of which I have few but those I have get in the way sometime. I mean, here we are being pushed for weeks about how important this demo is and then the day before it half the people act like it is no big deal? Are you kidding me? I cleared my calendar to make sure this stuff was going to work the least I could get in return was a similiar effort.

I'm telling you, it's like they don't want to succeed. Maybe we are being tested and there is nice prize if we pass? Not that we can. The deck is stacked against us.

Man. Just, man.


SuperMel said...

Wow. Sounds like Death March at a new level of ridiculous. Did you end up staying?

Ryan said...

Yes, I stuck around until we had everything working on production as well as it did on the build machine, which isn't saying all that much really.

Tomorrow will be interesting.

SuperMel said...

Good luck today. I mean that in a Hope The Assholes Karma Comes Back To Them kind of way.

Kirsten said...

I second that! :)

whiskeyrivergrl said...

So... you had all of us wishing you luck. Now how did it go?

Ryan said...

Beats me. They were supposed to do the demo at 10 this morning and they are still dicking around.

Actually, now that I said that they finally started.

Ryan said...

So...they had a demo, that was supposed to be the final demo, but actually wasn't, and now the final demo may be on Monday...or it could be between Monday and Friday...no one is really sure.