Monday, June 02, 2008

Untitled: The Reckoning

The boss boss came by and I have to give him credit for handling the situation well. He started by telling me he has been in my shoes before and have written similiar emails that I wrote to him over the weekend. We then got into the heart of the matter and talked about what was driving me nuts. I expressed that while he does a good job of describing the big picture he sucks at defining the short-term and intermediate goals. We talked about ways we could both communicate better and how to set and meet expectations better. In the end, it was very productive and really went a long way to difuse the situation.

Do I think it'll change all that much? Nah. But I have a better idea for what questions to ask and how to approach the situation and he has a better idea of what I need from him in order to do my job effectively.

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Kirsten said...

Sounds like a much more productive meeting than most, especially when managment is involved. Heres hoping things get at least better enough for you to stick around a little while longer.