Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Class Warfare and Moving Forward

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I wrote, the other day, about my friend's father passing away. My friend is a 42 yr. old gay man who'd never told his father he was gay. His partner of nine years had never met my friend's father. Can you imagine what he's feeling right now? I can't. And I want nothing more than to live in a society were my friend and his partner are given the respect they deserve, and angry bigots are mocked and jeered as the Unclean; cast out with the people who look down on us because we don't make enough money, don't pray loudly enough, don't have genetics or genealogy on our side.

This struggle for a better America is what lies before us. This horrifically wrong headed, aggressively inhumane decade of kicking the "not cool kids" in the balls must end. And we, who call ourselves "progressive", need to focus on making that change. Today.

I did the highlighting. I think it is an important point and goes back to the identity politics that have made the past decade or two such a cluster fuck. Class warfare is very alive in this country and it needs to stop.

I was reading something somewhere and I came across something that really puts this McCain vs Obama thing into perspective. Actually, it puts the whole Repubs vs Democrats into perspective for the past few decades (particularly the last 8 years). The writer said something along the lines of 'McCain's handlers are whispering in McCain's ears to bring Obama does into the mud rather than rise up to Obama's level and run against him on the policies'. I think this is right on and shows the basic theory behind the 50+1% strategy that has been followed for so long. Smear your opponent and beat him because people think they "don't make enough money, don't pray loudly enough, don't have genetics or genealogy on our side". Identity politics at its worst. Political assassination. What Rove is awesome at. That shit is on it's way out and I can't wait for it to be gone.

What I would give for McCain to toss off his handlers and raise to Obama's level and run against him on the issues rather than trying to bring him down into the gutter.

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Shana said...

Ummm.. sady I think it's been "on it's way out" since.. the 60's? no, wait, the civil war?

Well, quite honestly, class warfare is part of all human history (feudalism) and as much as I agree with you that it should change, and as often as I go against the grain of my current upper-middle class status (not as often as I did as a teenager), it's just something that I fear we have to accept as a human race group psychosis. A problem that will never have enough support for change from the people that can make the difference (the people with the money and power).