Sunday, January 23, 2005

End Of Meetings

Well, the two days of meetings with the exec board are over and we accomplished quite a bit. Usually we end up focusing on the broad topics and never really dive into the details. This time the second day was down and dirty and we really mixed things up to engergize the corporation. It'll be exciting to see how it plays out. We are doing a company-wide teleconference on Tuesday to announce some of the changes.

The budgets are locked in and, if we hit them, we will have accomplished pulling the technology piece in as a core business function and making the entire enterprise profitable. We are oh so close.

Now it's the implementation stage. I have a bunch of ideas and thoughts that I need to get working on and, once again, I rearranged the priorities on the development schedule to pump out some revenue generating streams out in the first quarter rather than towards the end of the year. I may even contract some of the work out.

That reminds me, if any of you know of anyone that can make 10 hours available on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I have a pretty well paying data entry job that needs filled that can be worked from home. Four-day weekends! 30 hour work week. Can't beat it. If you can type you qualify.

Let's see...without going into too many details...I have to revisit all of the billing and figure out a new pricing model that isn't going to tick are current customers off. I have to put together a work description for a new tech hire plus the project description for the work I want to look at contracting. Kinda funky to be on the other side of the contracting coin now, after being a contractor for four or so years. I have some development projects that are ready for testing for which I need to work out the migration plan plus workout a test plan. That should suck. On top of all of that we are going to be reviewing financials on a weekly basis to make sure we are on target. And I have my front-line tech support person about to go on maternity leave, so that'll be fun.

Exciting stuff, I say...exciting.

Ok, no more dicking around in the journal. Time to work.


luke said...

Well you know i have really nothing to do so if you want i will be happy to type for a couple hours a day. It will relieve my ho hum existince for now till i make a decision on what exactly i want to do. as far as the changes you will have to enlighten us upon your return. well the big games are today and the weather seems fine sunny and bright here but windy. i may attempt to dig the cars out.

Ben said...
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Ben said...

I went to the Bull Moose site that you posted to me about. Interesting read. Not sure that I agree with everything he says, but he seems pretty good at picking out facts.

Ryan said...

Checkout and Those two are real good as far as putting the latest and greatest together.

I also like for a more wordly perspective.