Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Party At My House!

I'm throwing a SuperBowl party at my place on the 6th. Kid friendly. RSVP in the comments.


Ben said...

Jamie and I will tenatively be attending. Our wives, who have no interest in the Superbowl whatsoever, will be at my house babysitting and scrapbooking.

Get in touch with me via E-mail regarding times. There's a good chance that we may leave early due to Jamie's long commute back (via my house which is pretty much the opposite direction), but we would probably enjoy coming over early too is possible.

Ryan said...

You all can come over whenever you want that day, doesn't matter to me. Particularly if you want to help cook. :)

Also, and I'm sure you want to be with your women and kids, but there is room to crash here as well before heading back.

Ryan said...

Eh Eh? No one else? This isn't much of a party. Come on food!