Monday, January 10, 2005

Why The Colts Will Win This Weekend

This should be controversial for someone...

What the Colts have going for them going into this weekend:

1) A VERY hot offense
2) A QB that set records all year and, against the #4 pass defense in the NFL, almost set the NFL record for passing yards at 457 and four passing TD's.
2) A beat-up New England secondary sans Ty Law
3) A rule that, if any game it is enforced, it will be this one considering the mugging that went on last year. Need proof of the mugging, watch Sports Center this week or the pregame, I'm sure they will show the replays from last year over and over again that prompted the focus on the contact rule this year.
4) An actual pass-rush this year as opposed to none last year.
5) More weapons then Manning to Harrison. The Denver game was the Manning/Wayne show. Plus, they have a real threat in their tight end Clark.

What New England has going for them this weekend:

1) The same Golden Hue Of Luck that surrounds them as it does the Yankees. How else can you explain a quarter back that, as he is falling on his butt, just lobs a pass up in the air and it is caught for a first down. What the hell is that?
2) The home crowd making it hard for Manning to pull off his audible craziness.
3) Bill Belichick has Manning's number, always has. If he can come up with a way to keep pressure on Manning and keep him from getting in a rythm, game over.
4) An actual tail back in Corry Dillon.

Historically, the Pat's have had the Colt's number. Even this year, when the Pats pulled off a 3-point victory over the Colts in the first game of the year in New England. Let's look at that game a bit more against the upcoming game this weekend. Both teams were totally healthy in the first game, where in this game New England's secondary is so banged up they have to use a wide receiver as a corner. That doesn't bode well for stopping Manning.

Honestly, I have no idea who is going to win this. Leslie, who has some weird gift for picking winners, feels New England will win. Luckily, she isn't always right, just most of the time. In any case, it should be a good game regardless.

Go Colts!

Fire away, Kris. :)

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