Thursday, January 06, 2005

Slient as a Cat

So I have cats, three actually. Used to be four, but we had a jail break over the summer and one disappeared. Very very sad. :(

Anyway, I have three cats. Mischief, Misfit, and Mimic. Two of them, the males Misfit and Mimic, fight a lot - all in good fun of course. But when they fight, they are totally silent...its weird...mouths open like they are going to make a noise, but it doesn't happen.

Now that I think about it, when Mischief and Moonshine (the disappearing cat) used to fight they were silent too...maybe its just my house?

Actually, Mischeif will meow with no sound...kinda funny...kinda sad.

Have you ever seen a cat with a sprained tail? Now that I'm talking about cats...I came downstairs one morning a couple of years ago and Mischief was walking around but her tail was just dragging around behind her like someone shot it. She didn't seem to be in pain, just annoyed...particularly when she tried to sit down and it wouldn't get out of her way. She'd give it a nasty look and have to jiggle her butt to get it to move...a cat butt jiggling is an odd site. Anyway, after I stopped laughing at her we had a visit with the vet...turns out she just sprained her tail...what the hell is that, spraining a tail?

Oh, I should talk about a story my brother told me regarding his dog and what happens when dogs bang each other...very funny...another day perhaps.

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Silent Joe said...

Salem still chirps at birds. :)